Why First Class English has no way to deal with their own White Trash? 小人".  That how you must not ever rely on American formed USA lie (Question your self: Dare any First Class English told Bush junior and his voters HONESTLY that because he is shorter than his dad, therefore, he must not qualified to run for any 宜蘭民宿office? Dare any First Class English to tell Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice and all voters HONESTLY that they are not First Class quality human form, therefore, they must not be allowed to run, they must not allowed to work? Dare any First Clas 墾丁民宿s English dare tell all voters HONESTLY THAT Obama has under age kids, therefore, he must not be allowed to take any office duty? Dare any First Class English tell all voters HONESTLY that Obama is American Black, therefore, he must not be allowed to run for any of 日月潭民宿fice? Dare First Class English tell the voters HONESTLY THAT Obama's wife worked out of his home, therefore, he must not be allowed to be hired by anyone? When your first class runner must have to keep his lips tight to do the oral fight, how could anyone of them win any oral batt 麻辣鍋le ground? How could anyone help any female dressed animal and evil doer to know that they must hide instead of HI?  Dare any First Class English tell their hired White House  to close down the entire US Secretary Department, because they cannot find any First Class expert to lead that every priva 麻辣火鍋te company boss must have no problem to close down that line or his entire company when they cannot find better worker to compete? That how USA is finished, totally taken over by American werewolves. That how you Chinese must seal your border cut your tie totally with the rest of the world. If you cannot 火鍋吃到飽be good enough to seal the border, you have to rely on nuclear weapon to bomb entire Continent of America gone with wind if you cannot be good enough to communist the entire Continent of Ameirca. Because Communist can have your entire nation like a company, Communist members are all boss, the richest or the most powerful or the most 盤纏銀兩famous or the biggest muscle to be the chief, it likes the Street Gang to rank by real good ability, capability, quality or size naturally [Why naturally matters? Because naturally rank most like the natural real wild animals to live along each other freely peacefully. Every man and woman must die sooner or later, if you don't rely on the most mankind man to h 金瓜石民宿ave the best will best sniper skill to kill, you have to give woman the freedom to lie on bed to starve to die, you have to make the man labors like horse and cow too exhaust to wake up like the role that Marlon Brando played in that film "Godfather" passing away under the sky on his seat peacefully to tell you how Chinese told you "Dow.1.Yo.Dow", the street gangster does not k 九份民宿ill anyone who can do better than self.], therefore, you don't need to bothered by power corruption; it is Free of Charge, therefore, you don't need bothered by money corruption; it is not rely on oral fight, therefore, you don't threatened by sex corruption. ) to lead. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 清境  .
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